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() Wage & Time 工资工时

1. Acceptable timing records 可接受的考勤记录:

IC swipe card timing records

IC 卡刷卡考勤记录。

Paper card timing records with signatures from employees monthly.


Manual timing records with accurate starting and ending time (including overtime recording), and signed

by employees daily.


2. Notice in timecard preparing 准备工卡时注意:

There should be no 7 consecutive working day records

不能有连续7 天上班记录。

Total work days, total overtime hours and total overtime hours on rest days should be clearly stated in

the timecard for easy checking.


The total overtime hours should not exceed 36 hours per month if the factory has no Overtime Waiver

from local labor bureau; On condition that the factory has got the document from the labor bureau, the

overtime hours can reach as much as 72 hours per month (Regular 8 hours plus 2 hours of overtime from

Monday to Friday, 8 hours for Saturday and rest on Sunday).

若没有向劳动局申请延长加班的批文,则加班时间每月不能超过36 小时,若申请加班批文后,每

月加班时间可以达到72 小时(周一至周五,每天正常上班8 小时,加班2 小时,周六加班8 小时,


There should be no united timing records on timecards, i.e., unvaried starting time and ending time for

several consecutive days for the several employees.


3. Payroll 工资表

It is suggested that the payroll is calculated on the basis of timerate which is easier to be carried out, while

piece-rate pay is troublesome, especially the overtime pay of piece-rate.



The payroll form can be designed in accordance with practical situations, but overtime compensation

should be separated from regular working time pay.


Close attention should be paid to deductions in payroll, if any. For example: each worker will be

deducted RMB 100 per month as housing charge. Now supposed 8 workers share a room, then the

factory will charge every room RMB 800 per month. If the local rent of room at the same level is more

than RMB 800/month, then the deduction in this factory is reasonable; if the local rent of room at the

same level is less than RMB 800/month, then the deduction is unreasonable, and the factory has to

reduce the deduction until acceptable.

工资表内若涉及扣款,则要注意所扣款数是否合理,例如:扣员工住宿费每人每月100 元,每个

房间8 人,则工厂每月每个房间就收员工800 元的房租. 若同一等级的房间在当地的租金高于800

/月,则工厂的扣款是合理的 若同一等级的房间在当地的租金低于800 元,则工厂的扣款就不


There should be signatures on the payroll from workers.


Date indicating wage paid should be clearly stated on the cover of payroll. Wage must be paid every

month within 30 days. Example: Wage of July must be paid before August 30th.

工资表上要有发工资日期。工厂不能压工人工资超过30 天,例如8 30 日前应该发完7 月份的


() Personnel Files 员工的人事资料

4. Accession Register 入厂登记表

Contents of accession register include but not limit to: name, date of birth, address, ID number, signature,

date of accession, photo, ID copy, contact phone number, resume, etc.



In time renew of expired ID.


Date of accession or date of form filling should not be any rest day on timecard.


Make sure that all candidates used their own genuine ID cards for accession registration.


Methods used in verifying ID cards: A. Log on Internet via http://www.lxsk.com/idcard.aspx or

download Idcard.exe file via www.u-jian.com, input the suspicious ID number and then they will tell

you the result.

分辩身份证真假的方法有:a. 资料网上复核:http://www.lxsk.com/idcard.aspx 或到

www.u-jian.com 下载Idcard.exe 文件,安装后,输入身份证号码即可知真伪。

5. Labor Contract 劳动合同

Contracts should be signed immediately when employed and should be validated back within one month

from the local labor bureau.


Close attention should be paid to the signing date that must not be rest days on timecard; also, the

validated date from local labor bureau MUST not be weekends or statutory holidays.




Probation period in Labor Contract: No probation period for re-signed contracts; no longer than one

month probation period for one-year-termed contract for fresh workers.


The minimum allowance for downtime should be in compliance with the local regulations and rules.


A copy of signed and validated labor contract should be offered to signatories.


6. Juvenile Employee 未成年工

Juvenile employee refers to laborers older than 16 but younger than 18.

未成年工是指已满16 周岁但未满18 周岁的劳动者。

Special physical examination must be carried out for juvenile employees and the factory has to apply and

register in the local labor bureau. Kindly find the attached Juvenile Physical Examination Form and

Juvenile Employee Registration Form for reference.



If applicable, it is best to hire adult employees. If there are juvenile employees in the factory, it will be

better to let them be off when audited.


If juvenile employees are allowed to present at the audit, then please re-verify their ID cards.


() Social Insurance 社会保险

Insurance categories include: endowment insurance, occupational injury insurance, unemployment

insurance, hospitalization insurance and maternity insurance.


If the facility is incapable to buy all the five insurances for all employees (i.e., insufficient insurance

categories or not all employees insured), then the factory must provide the following documents for


A. Proof buying insurance for employees—after tax receipt or insurance-paid receipt from

authorized bank.

B. Proved document offered by the local government saying that your factory has purchased

insurance for employees as required. The document must clearly state that how many categories


of insurances the factory has bought for how many employees and that this action has fully met

the requirements from local government.



A. 为员工买保险的交费证明完税证/银行交费单。

B. 当地政府部门开具的证明,证明工厂已按当地的要求为员工购买保险,证明应清楚说


() Factory Regulations 工厂的规章制度

If any worker violates factory regulations, no fines should be made. It is best to give oral education,

warning, etc.


No money or certificates should be required as “Deposits” by the factory.


Annual leave with pay is suggested to be stipulated in the factory regulations and be reflected in the

payroll. 5 days for over one-year but under five-year workers; 7 days for over five-year but under

ten-year workers; 10 days for over ten-year but under twenty-year workers and 14 days for over

twenty-year workers.

厂规最好能提及带薪年休假,工作满一年未满五年者5 天,满五年未满十年者7 天,满十年未满

二十年者10 天,满二十年以上者14 天,同时要在工资上反映出来。

() . Safety & Health 消防安全与卫生

1. Fire Drill 消防演习

Fire drills in factory and dormitory must be carried out at least once a year, and records including words

and photos must be kept.


Fire training records including training time, address, subject, participants, etc, must be kept orderly.


2. Fire Equipments 消防设施

Fire equipments must be marked visible. For example: spraying red paint words of “灭火器” over the

location placing fire extinguishers; or “消防栓” over the location placing fire hydrants.


There should be verified certificates from local fire services on fire extinguishers and fire hydrants. Generally,

repairing proof or original certificate can serve the function. However, special attentions must be drawn to

the period of validity that usually lasts for only one year. For hydrants, annual inspection certificates from


local fire department will be required for verification in audit.




Hydrants must be covered by seals on which there are dates and chops from the factory.


Periodical exams must be carried out to all fire extinguishers and fire hydrants in the factory. Records of

these exams should be kept for verification. Please refer to the attached form.

灭火器和消防栓应定期检查,并做记录, 参考表格。

ABC type of fire extinguisher is recommended. Do not use AB or BC type of fire extinguishers only.

灭火器类型应选用ABC 型,不要选用单纯的AB 型或BC 型。

Portable fire extinguishers cannot be placed directly on the floor. They should be hung up by hooks, placed

in shelves or case with their bottom higher than 0.15 meter and their tops lower than 1.5 meter from the



米,其底部离地面高度不宜小于0.15 。一个灭火器配置场所内的灭火器不应少于2 个,每个设置点

的灭火器不宜多于5 个。

There should be a closed area with red lines painted on the floor placing fire hydrants or where fire

extinguishers are hung up. The closed area must be kept visible and accessible.


3. Aisles, Exits & Emergency Lights 疏散通道,安全出口标志,应急灯

① ①. At least 2 exits per floor for both factory buildings and dormitory. Exits should not only be equipped

with “Safety Exit” signs and emergency lights, but also be kept clear of blocks.

厂房,宿舍每层安全出口的数目不应少于2 个,每个安全出口要保持畅通,应有安全出口标志和


Emergency lights at every stairwell.


On the wall of each floor must be posted evacuation plans on which fire extinguishers, fire hydrants,

evacuation directions and viewer location must be clearly marked.



Aisles must be separated from production areas by yellow painted lines, and there should be evacuation

arrowheads marked on the aisles.



4. Explosive-proof Lights 防爆灯

Explosive-proof lights should be adopted in warehouses.


5. Protective Equipments 防护装置,防护用品

Protective covers to conveyer belts, open gears, grinding wheels, electric saws, conveyer engines, flywheels,

etc. Take sartorius as an example, there should be protective covers to its upper and lower conveyer belts.



There should be metal gloves provided for electric scissors and electric saws operators. Refer to attachment.


Earplugs must be provided for employees working under the conditions of 85dB.

在噪声超过85dB 的环境下工作的人员应配戴耳塞。

Under any of the following circumstances, uniforms or aprons must be provided to workers. Other protective

articles such as masks, gloves, hats, leg guards and shoe covers can be provided in consistence with actual


A. During the operations there might be dangers like burn, scald or injures caused by machines;

B. Under working conditions of strong radiant or low temperature;

C. Under noxious, pungent, infective, and/or dusty working conditions;

D. Under corrosive, damp and/or dirty working conditions



A. 有灼伤,烫伤或者容易发生机械外伤等危险的操作。

B. 在强烈辐射热或者低温条件下等操作。

C. 散发毒性,刺激性,感染性物质或大量粉尘的操作。

D. 经常使衣服腐蚀,潮湿或者特别肮脏的操作。

Cotton masks, protective glasses and gas mask should be provided for laborers working in conditions of

health-harming gas, steam or dust.


Waterproof shoes must be offered to workers standing long on floors with water or other liquids.


6. Broken Needle Records 断针记录

Broken needles should be recorded in complete set. Miss of any part of broken needles will be considered a

violation of social compliance in audit.



Records of broken needles should be updated every day!


7. Labels & Marks on Electric Switches 电器开关的标识

Every individual switch must be clearly labeled indicating its functions.


Words of “有电危险” must be marked visible on electricity distribution box.


8. First Aid Kit 急救药箱

At least one first aid kit per independent workshop or 100 workers. All kits must be kept unlocked and


每一个独立的工作间或每100 名工人至少设一个急救箱。急救箱不能上锁,并容易找到。

Following leechdoms must be provided: alcohol and drugs with circles in the attached list.


No oral medicines should be found in the first aid kit.


here should be a drug list and drug-using records in the first aid kit.


There are also first aid kits


9. Toilets 卫生间

Toilet tissues, soap or hand wash should be provided.


Sufficient private room in the toilets (such as individual doors or separated walls)


Toilets should be separated by genders.


10. Usage & Storage of Chemicals 化学品的存放与使用


All chemicals used and stored should be labeled.


Second containers should be provided for chemicals used or stored.


Corresponding MSDS should be posted on walls where chemicals are used or stored.


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